Healthy Eating to Lose Weight Fast

Some people view healthy eating to lose weight fast as a mathematical formula.  This means that one needs to burn off more calories that one eats.  Experts on this philosophy generally advise that one should create a deficit of a certain number of calories each day through the use of a combination of increased physical activity and eating less calories.  If this notion is properly followed over say the course of one random week, it should result to a typical loss of approximately one to two points of fat.  That is quick, hassle free and not so difficult to understand.

However, if your objective is to lose weight even faster, then exercise more and eat less.  A simple regime would be to take 1,200 to 1,050 of calories combined with 1 hour of circuit training workouts per day.  Be careful not to go below the level of calories for the sake of health and safety.  With this simpler plan, you can lose about three to five pounds during the first week alone.

Loosing Weight in a Fast but Gradual Manner

Nutritionists have recommended that the most optimal way to lose weight is not bursts of exercises nor is it crash diets.  The body generally accommodates slow and gradual changes with regard to exercise and foods.  For instance, for someone who did not have exercise sessions for many years to rush into doing exhaustive and intense exercises may be detrimental to their health and bodies.  Not only does this leave that individual demotivated and disheartened, it also creates the likelihoods of injury as well as set fitness levels back a notch.

This same picture also goes to the person who embarks on a sudden regime to starve themselves.  Several diets that harshly limit intake of calories or certain food types can lead to the lack of vitamin and valuable nutrients necessary to the body.

Weight Loss and Energy Needs

As the body uses food to derive its energy from, much food intake leads to excess energy being stored as fat.  This basically means that if a person eats more than their body naturally needs for cell maintenance and daily activities, then they will surely gain weight equivalent to the fat stored as excess energy.  Therefore, for that person to lose weight, they need to make the body use up all the stored fat.  To do this, one needs to reduce the overall intake of calories and increase their levels of body activities.  This is the reason behind experts advising on weight loss in light of exercising and dieting.

Gradual Change

As they say, small changes when done consistently may result in big differences.  In a more practical scene, a single extra biscuit each week may lead to a gain of 5lb eaten during a period of a year.  Reversely, if this one biscuit is cut off from a regular eating schedule, the individual loses the same amount of weight over the same one year period.  One is also more likely to stick to a small change like switching from full fat milk to semi skimmed milk during breakfast every morning as opposed to radically setting diet rules for all foods at any time.

Healthy eating to lose weight fast and therefore effectively carry out weight lose, one should look at weight lose as a permanent change in eating habits.  In as much as weight lose objectives are set on a weekly or monthly terms, the eventual results are sustaining the changes observed over a much longer period of time, possibly change a lifestyle for good.

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Activity Levels Increase

An individual who increases the circuit training exercises they do over a certain period of time but holds on to the same calorie intake amount and diet regime will most certainly lose some weight.  It does not matter the activity exerted on the body.  A simple activity like light walking if increased by say twenty more minutes will be helpful if done during more days of the week than previously done.  This is because every time the activity is done more and the calorie intake remains the same, more fat is burnt.

There are many methods of  healthy eating to lose weight fast and increasing activities of the body.  Activities that an improve fitness levels include running, swimming, walking, cycling, aerobics classes, sports and racket games.  It is also beneficial to do the activity that is enjoyed most and also is cost effective and hassle free in term of location where the activity has to be done.  Get out and moving over the weekend if the opportunity does not allow you to get out over the weekdays.  Leave the car and walk instead if the location where you want to go to is a short distance.  Use commercial intervals and breaks in between television programs to do some activity.

Reduce Intake of Calories

If a person is overweight and they want to lose the weight, they will not achieve this if they continue with their current habits of eating diets.  It is usually very difficult to decrease body fat while taking in a lot of foods, sweets and cakes.  Inversely, it does not mean that one should never take these types of treats.  The secret is to know how to balance the intake of these foods as well as limit the intake to smaller quantities like for example special occasions only.

Healthy eating to lose weight fast requires making healthy choices.  This do not necessarily mean making crash diets of taking less than a set mount of calories – usually 1500 calories.  Unrecommended and low calorie intake leads to the body being weak and prone to infections because the immune system becomes jeopardized.  Eating about 500 to 300 calories less than normal every day will ultimately result in a general loss of one to two pounds a week.  This is a healthy and realistic target.


Write down a comfortable plan for yourself once you have identified on what to change in your lifestyle or diet intake.  For example, a weekly target would say more minutes on walking each lunch hour and no alcohol consumption during the week.  This can be replaced with a small glass or two of wine over the weekend.  Also, no biscuits or chocolates are to be eaten during the course of the week.  Following these tips will lead to healthy eating to lose weight fast and will show you how to lose weight in your thighs as well.