How To Lose Weight Results

Whether you are a big hip hop fan or not it is undeniable that rapper Fat Joe is an inspiration within itself. Recently, Fat Joe has announced that he has lost over a hundred pounds within the last year. With a name like fat Joe and keeping up with the persona behind that name has turned heads within the urban community. With high blood pressure, diabetes and heart attacks in the black and Latino community Fat Joe’s announcement and crusade couldn’t be at a better time. Health is so important and changing up your lifestyle isn’t easy but with hard work and determination to live longer it’s very pertinent.

One of the main motivations behind Fat Joe’s reason for losing weight was from the death of his friends who died from having major health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Just last year Fat Joe said we went to six funerals from friends his age or younger all dead from health negligence and from those deaths he decided to make a change.

He stated that much of his success to losing weight was due to educating himself on the foods we eat on a daily basis. In one interview with he said losing weight is about science.  “The first thing you need to do is find out what’s harming you and what not harming you.” He went on to describe how certain that we eat every day can be killing us instead of helping us.

Some of those foods he mentions were bread, rice and pasta which basically turn into sugar when it goes into our body. I have heard this plenty of times but this time it was resonated with me.

With that being said today Fat Joe is making big headlines from his crusade on getting the urban community to take better care of their health. He has recently partnered up with the mayor of Newark, New Jersey and others alike to encourage others to lose weight and take their health more seriously.

I think this is big for him and adds much credit to his already successful career. If you’re like Fat Joe and many others like us please take heed and educate yourself about your body and the food you put into it.