7 Tips to Lose Weight Sustainably and Effectively

1. Do not eat fast

Avoid at all costs devouring the food in a few minutes. Eat slowly and calmly because science has proven that by eating fast your brain does not have time to understand what you eat. At the end of the meal you send signals and you will feel hungry. To avoid this one piece of advice, take time to eat.

2. Avoid eating fats if you want to lose weight

Should I eat fat when I want to lose weight effectively? Yes but no matter which. We advise you to stop or at least slow down the consumption of animal fats that you receive all manners naturally by eating food such as meat or eggs. Remember, consumed less fat, fewer calories gained.

3. Eat more fruits, vegetables and starches in your slimming diet

Being light and easy to digest vegetables and fruits should be eaten every day, especially during slimming diets. Not only do they contain vitamins as well as amino acids required for the metabolism because they can absorb the fat. Among the fruits to lose weight include lemon, banana, and kiwi. In addition, it is so delicious.
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4. Limit meat consumption to lose weight faster

The scientific and medical studies confirm that meat, known to be an excellent source of protein, also contains many acids and animal fat useless for your body and health. To lose weight quickly our advice is not to eat meat, especially red meat (beef, pork) more than once per day. Rather prefer fish and white meat like cockerels, chickens and turkeys. They are leaner than beef.

5. Do not look guilty if you did not follow the diet for a day

Following a diet that cracks and sometimes it deviates from our way, we eat pizza or fries. Do not beat yourself up if this happens. Everyone has the right to make mistakes. The important thing is not to start and continue his diet.

6. Slimming advice: Never race without eating beforehand

This slimming advice is very important. Imagine what can happen if you go shopping hungry? You fall for all the cakes for all chips and donuts, not to mention burnt cream and pistachios. Do not make this mistake. Eat before going shopping to hunt the temptation to stop the weight loss.

7. Sport activities can help you stay slim

Doing sports you can lose calories and lose weight much faster and you therefore more likely to lose weight effectively and sustainably. Do not try to beat the world record of 10,000 meters but practicing a sport activity regularly. And success is guaranteed.