Small Heater Review – Lasko Ceramic Heater Adjustable Thermostat

Small Heater Review – Lasko Ceramic Heater Adjustable Thermostat

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The Lasko 754200 is a great heater for everyone who is looking to warm up a small space in their home or office. This small room heater comes with an adjustable thermostat and manual controls. It also has a decent range of power – from the low setting of 900W to the highest setting of 1500W. As a space heater, it functions as a highly efficient money-saver along with safety features that protect all types of users. Its small, sturdy frame saves space while lasting longer than other typical heaters. Additionally, it comes with automatic overheat protection which ensures automatic shut-off in the case of the heater getting too hot.

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There are many different types of heaters out on the market right now but this Lasko seems to be the best small room heater for the price. Traditional concerns about small heater usage are no longer applicable because this heater takes into account and addresses those concerns. It has carrying handles so transportation, even while hot, can be done with ease. It also has an adjustable thermostat that you can control with the manual controls found at the top of the heater. These controls are very easy to use and give a lot of options for whatever level of heat you would like.

Some people find the noise from the fan distracting. Yet, this probably stems from individual preferences for noise levels. As the noise is a constant ‘hum’, it is unlikely that it will bother too many people. After a few days use, the fan becomes white-noise and still works hard to heat small spaces quickly. This is a great heater for a bathroom or small bedroom. Offices and other smaller spaces benefit greatly from this type of small heater.

Perhaps another distracting feature of this Lasko heater is the absence of numbers on the temperature dial. However, learning the amount of heat the heater produces at each temperature point is a quick process. Depending on the room size, temperature outdoors, and the amount of draftiness of the room, this small heater will quickly fill a room with warm, comfortable air. As long as it is used in a small space, it is just about guaranteed to keep everyone warm. Finally, this Lasko is a good heater for all seasons due its efficient power use and small space capabilities.

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