5 Best VPN For Mac Top VPNs For Mac

5 Best VPN For Mac Top VPNs For Mac

When it comes to looking for the Best VPN for Mac you have to consider that the Mac OS is already a very stable operating system, used and enjoyed by many people around the world. Mac or Macbook users who are concerned about their privacy while browsing the web, especially if they are accessing the internet in places like public WiFi hotspots may be pondering: Where can I get the Best Mac VPN to secure and encrypt my data so that its not available to prying eyes or anyone looking to steal it?

Wherever you go in daily life while using your Mac and iOS devices you are constantly being bombarded by governments or third parties looking to get hold of data that can be collected and used against you, or to make money from you. Most of them are a serious risk to your daily privacy and most go unknown or unseen without your prior knowledge.

Well not to worry, later on in the post we will cover the 5 Best VPN’s for Mac or Macbooks that will allow you to browse with full security and even unblock content like US Netflix or BBC iPlayer that has Geo restrictions. In addition to unblocking websites using a VPN you will be able to bypass any restrictions placed by your ISP or local government that may be stopping you from using your Mac or Macbook, iOS device to the full.

Each and every VPN for Mac we have chosen for our list of 5 will offer tutorials on how to install a VPN on Mac or Macbook, but here is some additional criteria you will want to look for when choosing a good VPN for Mac and iOS:

  • Good server numbers (VPN servers based around the world)
  • Helpful customer service & support
  • Installation guides for Mac and Macbook
  • A Trial or 30-day money-back guarantee (So you can give them a trial run on your Mac)
  • Reliable speeds and connection (So you can stream US Netflix with no buffering issues)
  • Simultaneous Connections (So you can use a VPN on iPhone & Mac at the same time)

Now that we know what to look for when buying a VPN for Mac and Macbook lets jump in and take a look at the 5 Best VPN for Mac…

Things to consider when using a VPN for Mac

A VPN can do a lot for protecting using while using a Mac, Macbook or other iOS devices like iPhone. One of the key areas of concern is that with every OS X update such as ‘El Capitan’ further exploits are revealed that customers of the OS would be not be entirely aware of.

Namely an exploit found in Apples Keychain app which stores users passwords to make it easier for you to get quick access to your stored passwords for websites, public WiFI info and even credit card information. You can read an article about the exploit here.

You can only imagine what would happen if someone gets into your Keychain without your knowledge, but luckily the Best VPN’s for Mac above will go a long way to curbing this issue and help your devices go under the radar and out of reach of people or third parties looking to steal your sensitive data.

Free VPN’s for Mac are available in the app store and around the internet, but compared to the 5 Best VPN for Mac in this post they offer nowhere near the levels of security, or unblocking power you will be needing if you want to watch things like US Netflix using a VPN. While a free VPN for Mac or Macbook does look appealing it’s important to know that the majority out there don’t have to go through as much of a vetting process as some of the paid services available. Namely services like Hola spring to mind that was found to be using users bandwidth when they we connected to be part of a giant botnet, even without the users knowledge.

Things like this are prevalent in the highly tech based era we live in today, so it’s important that you do your research before ever going with a VPN provider or service online. We aim to guide you through the process with our best VPN’s for Mac so hopefully this can go a long way to helping you pick the right service for your needs.

Best VPN For Mac Conclusion… 

Our list of the 5 Best VPN for Mac should give you a good idea what to aim for when choosing a VPN for Mac or VPN for El Capitan. We covered in a previous post the Best VPN’s for iPhone which is quite similar to this list with ExpressVPN coming out on top once again.

Any of the VPN providers for Mac above will allow you to unblock and access streaming services such as US Netflix, BBC iPlayer or other things like Watching Premier League using a VPN.

While as a whole Apple devices such as the Mac or Macbook are much more secure than their Windows rivals, it’s still very much important to only go with a good and trust source for your VPN client.

You will have to weigh up how valuable your privacy is to you against the monthly cost of each of the VPN’s for Mac above, but i’m sure most of you will agree that the price you pay will mean less to you than the risk of loosing your data to snoops or hackers looking to exploit it and get access to things like your online banking.

If you have any questions or queries about choosing the Best VPN for Mac or El Capitan then don’t hesitate to contact us, or leave a comment below and we will get back to you!

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